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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 18, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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faked their own death to avoid it. >> that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. we'll see you again monday. there is an open thread on greta wire. so tell me what you think about what is going on in wisconsin and follow us on twitter. it goes to twitter or something like that. keep it here on fox news channel. on. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: [chanting] kill the bill, kill the bill. this is what democracy looks like. >> bill: the democratic party rolls the dice in wisconsin. who will win the intense battle over money? the unions or cost-cutters in the future of the democratic party may be at stake. [chanting] >> bill: while liberals continue to deny there is a problem in the muslim world, the muslims themselves seem to recognize it.
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demonstrations are mounting in many countries and iran is blaming it all on the u.s.a. we'll have analysis. both beck and i are, what? limited in our internet skills? would that be accurate? >> no, i'm a computer programmer. >> bill: glenn beck says google may be a threat to the world. beck has some interesting data to back it up. >> google has been reading all my emails. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. high noon for the democratic party in wisconsin. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the stakes are huge for the dems in wisconsin right now. thousands of state workers are furious that governor scott walker is asking for give backs in benefits. also wants to cripple labor unions from negotiating in that state. workers have walked off the job and many schools are shut down.
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there are reports that president obama's political crew organizing for america is encouraging the demonstrations. that would make sense because what is going on in wisconsin could make or break the democratic party in america. there is no question with the 3. billion-dollar short fall wisconsin is in trouble economically. so public workers will have to concede some benefits. even with governor walker's give back proposal wisconsin state workers are far better off than they would be doing the same jobs in the private sector. but the crucial matter for america is the labor union business. liberal democrats need the liberal unions to support them. president obama cannot be reelected without union money and votes. republican party says the country is bankrupt because the labor unions have secured so much for their workers. that the economy is being strangled because of that. the "wall street journal" today says, quote: the battle of madison, wisconsin, is the semmal showdown over whether government union power can be
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tamed. the alternative is higher taxes. until the middle class is picked clean and the u.s. economy is no longer competitive, unquote. talking points believes that's basically true that union wages and benefits have now reached the point where governments can't afford to operate and even some private concerns can't make a profit. right now there are 22 right-to-work states in america. places like texas and florida where the unions do not control the negotiating process. the fair thing to do in wisconsin would be to have a referendum, let the folks vote on union power. on a personal note, i'm a member of a union aftra. when i was working at inside edition the king world company tried to renegative on pension benefits after it took the company to court, the case was settled. if the shop it been nonunion, we might have been certified. i understand why unions are needed in america. workers must have protection against greedy companies that would exploit them. but there has to be a middle ground. there are no unions in china or india and we must compete economically with those
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countries. worker entitlements in greece, ireland, and spain have just been ruined those economies. the democratic party doesn't seem to understand that. but now i believe most americans do. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us from washington, two democratic congressman charles rangle from new york and luis gutierrez who represents a district in illinois. congressman gutierrez, we will begin with you. the neighbors in wisconsin, your neighboring state, will have to give back some of their benefits. that is going to happen, do you agree? >> here is what i agree. i think we all need to share in the restructuring of the budget. and that workers should not be called upon because i think you would agree, bill, that it is a tax on the workers when they have to give back health care benefits, when they have to give back wages. who else is sharing this burden? the burden should belong to everyone, and we shouldn't just focus it on the workers.
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>> bill: it gets a little complicated -- congressman, it gets a little complicated when state workers make more in benefits and salary than their peers in the private sector. and that's where we are right now that the state guys and gals make more money and the states are saying we can't afford to pay them. now in new york state where you and i live, congressman rangle, we have pretty much the highest tax burden in the nation. a democratic governor cuomo is going to take a saw to these benefits in the state worker program. are you going to support governor cuomo, congressman rangle? >> you know, if this is just a question of the budget and sharing the sacrifice, i would not be as concerned about what is happening in wisconsin as i am now. i truly believe, unlike new york, that in wisconsin there is a move to try to destroy the union and, therefore, the standards in which nonunion people enjoy have been negotiated through collective
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bargainings with management. >> bill: let's assume that's true. explain to the people watching in texas and florida and other right-to-work states why their lives are not as good as the lives of those people in wisconsin and illinois. >> i'm saying the people down there really enjoy the benefits that's been negotiated northeast and western states because they have said a standard. people kind of forget. >> bill: what? >> that's right. >> bill: they said we don't want you. in our collective bargaining deal. >> yeah, buffer i'm talking about having a 40-hour week, having vacations, having sick leave and all these things. they never even thought about doing these things. even child labor is one of those things. you are not going to legislate like wisconsin wants to do. what you are going to do is negotiate. >> bill: the fact of the matter is congressman gutierrez, that your state is losing people.
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chicago lost 7% of its population. where are they going? they are going to texas and florida and sun belt states where they don't have all of this chaos. >> of course. >> bill: you have to explain to people down there why their lives with no union intrusion are worse than the lives of people who live in your state in wisconsin. you can't do it. >> look, what the attempt in wisconsin is to use the budget process in order to crush the union movement in wisconsin and, therefore, across the state. across the states of the united states of america. you talk about florida. you talk about texas. they benefit from the hundred year legacy of many women in this country. >> bill: that's true. look, you guys know me, i'm a union guy. i'm a union guy. >> collective bargaining agreement. >> bill: you know me. >> there is another union. it's the union of the people that run wall street and -- >> bill: you can't be doing that though. you can't be doing that because
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it's not gonna happen. >> united states of america. bill, you and i each have a responsibility to protect this nation and to contribute to this nation in accordance with the prosperity that we enjoy. >> bill: look, let's stop the nonsense and you guys introduce legislation to put a flat tax on corporations, all right, so that you can collect more money. the second highest corporate tax rate in the world is in america. and you want to tax them more. come on. >> let me make it abundantly clear, bill, that this tax that you are talking about is only paid by a handful of moderate corporations. >> bill: then change it. change it. >> the 35 -- well, we would if people were willing to get the fat out of doggone thing, eliminate the. >> bill: you had a democratic majority for two years and you did up about cuss on that. both of you know that you didn't change the corporate tax structure. had you a democratic congress, a
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democratic house and a democratic senate and did you nada on it and now you are blaming the wall street people. come on. >> bill, no one is blaming them. what i'm saying is that the 35% corporate tax can be reduced to 28%. what has to happen is that when we start cutting out the unfair privileges that are in that tax code is that that you hear from the u.s. chamber of commerce. >> bill: so what? beat them. >> it's not going to be negotiated on tv. >> bill: all right. but the folks on tv. the world is watching wisconsin, congressman gutierrez. the world is watching wisconsin tonight. and this is a battle and i have got to tell you guys, i am a union guy, but i think most of the folks watching tonight and most of the folks in america and i think the poll also bail me out next week, they believe that the union intrusion is harming the country's economy. it's got to stop. i will give you both 30 seconds.
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congressman gutierrez, you start. go. >> look. the wall street conglomerate of america drove this country to the brink of extinction. we bailed them out. then we come back and say to men and women who have collectively bargaining agreement we want another bailout on your back. i say we all share in the sacrifice in defending this great nation and that sacrifice begins with our own personal pockets. you want union workers and public employees in wisconsin to sacrifice, i say the richest of the rich should also sacrifice. >> bill: congressman rangle. >> overreaching by unions, unfair disparity between the private and public sector workers. this is not going to be done by legislation. what we have to do is come to the table, not as republicans and democrats, but as management state and labor to determine what can be negotiated. but to think that you are going to destroy the labor movement and use the budget deficit as an excuse is just not going to
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happen. >> bill: all right. very good debate, you guys. we really appreciate you coming on tonight. very interesting. next on the run down, dana perino will react to that debate and with no republican emerging as the dominant presidential candidate will jeb bush be called into action? glenn beck says watch out google may be harming america and the beck meister has some backup for it up ahead. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outbacalways gets us there... ... sotimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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>> bill: impact segment tonight with less than a year a year to go. florida governor jeb bush may be a person who could emerge as a serious contender. spokesperson for president bush dana perino. before you get to jeb bush pretty lively debate with the two democratic congressman. >> indeed. >> bill: this is, i believe, make or break for the democratic party. >> i think they have weighed hip deep into a swamp that they are not going to be able to get out of. >> bill: why do you say that. >> exactly what wisconsin did not need at this point. would anybody want to go locate a business and build a business in that state after seeing all of this? plus, a democrat, because president obama decided to move forward and we'll find out if the white house is behind any of this organization for america to get this going, he nationalized the debate. so here we are. >> bill: there secretary of defense and been reporting in the "the washington post" and other places that organizing for america, the president's political arm is calling people
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and telling people to get out there and demonstrate. so, we can only go by what -- >> -- he called it yesterday an assault on the unions. >> bill: president obama had ample opportunity today to come out and say, you know, this or that should happen. i think they are rolling the dice. >> i do, too. >> bill: you say they are going to lose though. >> i think so. they have misread the country's mood. one of the reasons president obama suffered a historic she lacking which is his word that he used for it was because the tea party in america started. they are outraged by spending by the government. 64% of the people polled today and it is reported in i believe plited co-say they do not support what is happening in wisconsin on behalf of the unions. >> bill: that's really not a valid poll i want to be fair. >> the real poll also come out next week. >> i think they will be similar. >> bill: frank luntz was on fox earlier today he says what you say that the folks watching, working men and women, not wall street fat cats are not behind the union people. you firmly believe that, right? >> i do.
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>> bill: you could be wrong. >> i could be but we will see. it's not because people are against unions. if they get the facts, what the governor is asking them to do is to go from contributing 5% to 12%. it's not a big deal. >> bill: those give backs are going to harassment the overarch is the governor wants his state of wisconsin to be a right-to-work state. that's what he wants. he wants to gut the union. >> why does he want to be a right-to-work state? >> bill: better for business. >> senator daniel said he lost a huge corporation wanted to locate in indiana decided not to went to virginia instead because it was a right-to-work state. >> bill: that's right. the governors say look have got to get jobs in here. look, michigan is losing, chicago as i said is losing population. they are all going down south because it's easier to work down south. i'm a union guy. because i and i said in the talking points firsthand, i got hosed. you know, i was working there and the union got some of it back. so, i'm not antiunion but i do believe american people know we're broke and something has got to be done. real quick now jeb bush. there is no doubt he has said
11:17 pm
and we believe him he is not really interested in going into the presidential waters this time around. if somebody doesn't eamerica and break out fairly quickly, i believe there is going to be a movement to draft him in. there are going to be big shot republicans like rove go down and say look, you have got to save the country. do you believe that jeb bush, all right, can overcome w.'s leaving office with very low approval? >> you know, that's one of the things that people say even if he were to run he couldn't win because his last name is bush. i disagree because i think we are in different times. he is a different person. he has his own record that he could run on. people also said that a woman couldn't win the nomination. hillary clinton came close. they said a black man couldn't win the presidency, he did. i think that we're on uncharted territory. we don't know who could possibly win. although i did get a chance to see jeb president bush and george bush's dad and i said are you worried about the republican field and who is eenergying. >> he said i have seen this several times. >> bill: who did you ask that to. >> 41 george h.w. bush.
11:18 pm
he would love to see jeb bush run. >> bill: really? his dad would like to see jeb bush run. >> absolutely. i know his brother wants him to run as well. >> bill: really then w. would have to go out and campaign for him and he doesn't want to do that. >> jeb bush would have to separate himself and distance himself from his brother. hillary clinton had to do that with her husband and george w. bush had to do that. >> bill: would you go back as a spokesperson? >> you know, no. [ laughter ] >> bill: so nice here at fox news, route? -- right? >> i love it here. >> bill: all right, dana. thank you. as you know we believe there is a problem in the muslim world. and today demonstrations continued throughout the middle east with iran blaming the u.s.a. for all the carnage. geraldo will have some thoughts. and then the planned parenthood debate ramps up as a member of congress said she herself had an abortion. we hope you stay tune for those reports. as a kid, i couldn't wait to ste on that i
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>> bill: fridays with geraldo segment tonight, as you know i have opined there is a perform problem in the world. some liberals become quite agitated when i state that. once again today, there were demonstrations in muslim countries like bahrain jordan and iran. the mullahs have an interesting take, it is all america's fault. of course it is. you guys are running a real perfect society over there. it's all our fault. with us now geraldo rivera has been to more than 20 countries in the muslim wrld. first of all, did you see the discussion we had last night with the two ladies covering the news jennifer griffin and the author about the lara logan situation how difficult it is for women in the muslim world to negotiate for themselves did you see that? >> yes, i did. let me say right out front that i know lara logan very well. i have been in combat with her. i was indeed in the very convoy she was in when she got blown
11:23 pm
up. i was a couple vehicles back. >> bill: this is in iraq. >> that this was in afghanistan. >> bill: afghanistan? >> the soldier sitting next to her lost his legs. she was thrown out of the vehicle and was amazingly composed and heroic. she is a very courageous and skilled journalist. what happened to her in cairo, bill, was symptomatic of a sicknessed in the muslim world that i want to be very careful that i define very precisely. there is in muslim culture many things that are attractive. ironic that you play this video when i say these words, there is compassion and hospitality. there is honor. there are many, many things. one of the things there also is an absolute almost total disrespect of women women have the victims of honor killings. forced marriages, very little rights. many of these communities more conservative countries they have jobs they can't take there are a
11:24 pm
plethora of problems that is holding back the muslim world and will forever make it less competitive than or societies because half of their society is not fully participating in that regard there is definite lay muslim problem. jump cut to lara logan situation in cairo. there is very specifically in egyptian society probably in others specifically egyptian society a real attitude toward women that they are in public fair game. if they are uncovered, in other words, not using a burqa or the other garb to conceal their persons, they are subjected the egyptian center for women's rights in 2008 conducted survey 83% of egyptian women in public report groping, men exposing themself and sexual assault. get, this 98% of all foreign women in cairo, in a tourist
11:25 pm
dominate economy 9% of foreign women are -- report that they have been subjected to abuse that goes beyond the pale. what happened to lara logan is not only subjected to muslim society it happened in new york 11 years ago during the puerto ricoian day parade when they ripped clothing off the women. >> bill: matter of attitude. on the subject of freedom in the muslim world that's dicey. this is what we are seeing in the demonstrations in tunisia and egypt and bahrain that freedom is not easily given in the democratic there are no democratic countries. iraq is on the cusp because of the united states there is a freedom problem as well. >> i would argue that turkey, although not technically a muslim country is a country where democracy works.
11:26 pm
>> bill: those are turks. it's a divided country. >> there are no examples absent israel and iraq, ironically where democracy plays a part. >> bill: there is a muslim problem with women and a muslim problem with freedom. there is a right ogreat line in lawrence of arabia where he turns to prince fiesel and says if they continue to snipe at each other little people, silly people, greedy, barberous and cruel. i love it when lawrence of arabia says that. i think he actually said that you have a situation here as long as you have an attitude. i will get to freedom. first women wants rights. thirds class or fourth class or right after your donkey, horse's ass there is the loss of potential that is profound. now to the aspect of freedom. yes, freedom has not yet taken
11:27 pm
hold. >> bill: what are we working on 3,000 years here or what? not yet? >> if you tack other societies it is possible. >> bill: i only have an minute. >> it's an ethic that they need to acquire to achieve greatness. >> bill: everything you have said today i think is true for everybody watching. when i say to joy behar there is a muslim problem in the world and this woman goes bizzerk. >> your problem is that you don't phrase it artfully in the sense it has to be more specific. >> bill: i have to phrase it artfully. with all of these problems i have to be artful. >> there is problem with aauthoritarian government there is a problem with shiites and sunnies. >> bill: how is this for artful? there is a problem in the muslim world. is that artful enough? geraldo rivera, everybody. there he. >> pleasure, thank you. >> bill: plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. some fanatics using death scenes mock mcdonald's wait until you see this. beck says all over the world he
11:28 pm
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, the controversy over planned parenthood continues to rage. the house voting today 240201 5 to de-fund the organization which currently gets more than 360 million in taxpayer dollars. to liberals, that's sack sacrilege. >> there is a vendetta against planned parenthood and it was played out in this room tonight. planned parenthood has a right to operate. planned parenthood has a right to provide services for family planning. planned parenthood has a right to offer abortions. >> bill: during that speech she told the world that she herself had an abortion. joining us from now from author of the book "unplanned" former story of an eye opening journey
11:32 pm
across the lifeline. you ran planned parenthood in texas for a while. why did you get out? >> i left planned parenthood. i worked there for eight years and i left after seeing ultra southbound guided abortion and watching a 13 week old baby fight for its life and lose that battle to abortion. >> bill: it was a conversion on the life issue that got you out of it when you think back about what went on inside because at one time you were a very strong advocate for planned parenthood. you thought it was a worthy organization that deserved the tax dollars that flowed to it. you have refute united stated all of that now. >> i have. i see that planned parenthood does not provide quality health care. you know, i see these people defending planned parenthood. and i see that there are better polices that could receive these taxpayer dollars than planned parenthood. planned parenthood certainly has a right to provide health care to other people. they don't have the right to use our tax dollars if they are not
11:33 pm
providing quality health care. >> bill: when you say they are not providing quality health care? what does that mean? we help poor women. we give them advice. we give them birth control. if they want an abortion we make it easy for them to get it so where is your beef? there is other places qualified health centers provide health care for men women and children. planned parenthood provides very limited services women and men. if a woman comes in for elevated blood pressure for instance. plan the parenthood cannot help them for that they would have to refer them somewhere else. rural health center would be able to provide that comprehensive care. why would see send them to somewhere that can't help them when we can send them to a center that would be able to help them in a full way? >> bill: but they bill themselves the name is planned parenthood. it's about having babies or not having babies. so the argument from the left is, listen. if you take the money away more
11:34 pm
poor women will get pregnant. they goal on welfare. it will cost the country more to support those women and their children than if you supported planned parenthood and you say? >> i say that that is a nice argument and that's what i used to believe too. we see that in statistics planned parenthood's own research arm 54% of aboarive women state they were using contraceptive method at the time that they got pregnant. we see that there is some kind of there is something not right there. planned parenthood is using these women, getting them into the center and selling them on this birth control option that's probably not going to work for them. and they are just basically getting foot traffic in the door for these women. they are not providing good health care for them. >> bill: i'm sure you saw the undercover tapes in the new jersey and the bronx, new york where the planned parenthood workers were advising people
11:35 pm
they thought were pimps and prostitutes underage how to get around the system, how to not report statutory rape. now, planned parenthood fired the jersey person. i don't know what happened in the bronx. i'm sure that person will fired, too, they say look, this is just anomaly it doesn't happen very much and you say. >> it happens all the time it happened at my clinic. >> bill: it happened all the time at your clinic, you let it happen though for eight years, did you not? absolutely i let it happen. >> bill: really? >> yes. it happens all the time. it happens at planned parent hoods around the country. this is something that planned parenthood they do this. i'm not even sure they realize they are doing it planned parenthood has created this idea of tolerance. they want to tolerate all of these lifestyles and all of these different walks of life for their clients. they forget to protect their clients. they forget to protect these minors that are being abused by
11:36 pm
pimps and being abused by older men. they forget to protect these women that they say they are there to help. >> bill: no doubt about it in those instances. last question, if you were the leader of planned parenthood in texas i would say to you why don't you raise the money privately if if it's that valuable and liberal people love you so much. let them give you some money. why do you have to take it from people on the tax dull and you say? >> they can't survive without our tax dollars. >> bill: they can't raise the money privately, you don't think? >> they don't have enough support to raise it privately. >> bill: even in hollywood? just hollywood alone, those people are jumping for joy for planned parenthood? they couldn't do it out there? george soros alone. >> you know, there is a lot of people that say that they support planned parenthood but when it comes to the end of the day they won't fund them. >> bill: all right. misjohnson, thanks very much. we appreciate it when we come right back glenn beck on google perhaps being a danger to the entire world. he has come up with interesting
11:37 pm
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♪ >> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the at your beck and call segment tonight, glenn beck has been reporting on google's tremendous influence over world events. he has come up with interesting information regarding the giant corporation. i dawkd with him last night. both beck and i are, what, limited in our internet skills? would that be accurate? >> no. i'm a computer programmer. part time. >> bill: i know you are. so, basically we look at the computer and then we have other people do whatever has to be done. have you raised very interesting story line about google. >> actually, i haven't. gool has. there were two people that are instrumental in the revolution of egypt. both of them were vice presidents of google.
11:41 pm
when we started to do our homework on this, we found that the state department has worked with google and youth groups aym youth group to organize this revolution. when you heard the president say it was just -- you know, it was a youth like you and it's the new media, it is social networking that brought on the revolution. he was talking about google. >> bill: you believe they have a relationship with the state department? >> no, i don't believe it. i have seen it. >> bill: we know? >> we know they are working with google. google has admitted it. >> bill: what do they want to accomplish through google. >> the revolution in egypt. that's what they were working on. >> bill: they wanted mumbarak out of there? >> yes. and the -- there are, i think, four or five executives that are come and gone from this administration now, schmidt,the ceo of google, he said some
11:42 pm
rather spooky things over the years, which we have outlined in the program. one of the things that has happened, he stepped down two weeks ago and he just went to a board, new -- if you will, also on the board is van jones and drummond pipe from the tides foundation. google has a very tight relationship with the tides foundation. >> bill: that's soros' funded. >> soros helps fund that. >> bill: you think this guy is -- schmidt is a far-left guy? >> you can look at google statements over the past and you can see that they agree with george soros in an open society. meaning a challenge not an open society like a transparent one but an actual borderless world. >> bill: you say that the guy up until a couple weeks ago who was running google was in bed with soros and all of this philosophically. >> philosophically. and there are four or five executives also in bed literally not literally but in bed or in
11:43 pm
the office with the president. and working with the white house. >> bill: where does it go from here. influence i think that's true. >> it is. >> bill: internet absolutely used there. >> google in their own words, google two vice presidents of google actually helped foment revolution in egypt. and they are proud of it. >> bill: okay. >> i just don't want my search engines fomenting revolutions. >> bill: absolutely. if there is a power behind the throne in america, if there is a corporation that is secretly, because this wasn't public until you figured it out, right? >> well, what we had one guy and then we pieced everything else together. >> bill: okay. i think the folks need to know about that. >> look, here is the thing. because they are slamming me now. >> bill: who is slamming you? >> the left. they are saying that i am calling for a boycott of google. i have business contracts with google. google is one of the most competent businesses out there. one of the only ones.
11:44 pm
i mean, can you avoid it. but you lose money if you avoid it. it's not the right thing to do usually for most companies. i am weary of google. they are a competent company. i will tell you this, i don't think they are reading anybody's email and i don't think you should boycott them but you should understand who they are and then ask yourself what do i believe in? i do believe that they are open and transparent enough to be able to feel comfortable with them? i think there is enough warning signs here that you need to pay attention to google. >> bill: but they don't have -- google itself does not have an editorial posture. not like the factor or the glenn beck show. >> they do in this way. they can order stories. >> bill: or they can arrange them and say play them up. >> these are the ones search et cetera, et cetera. >> bill: this is interesting. you feel right now as it stands,
11:45 pm
this it is still this humongous worldwide internet outfit. >> i feel the same way that i did about halliburton or blackwater or g.m. g.m. great product in bed with the government not comfortable with that. not that they are doing anything evil right now not comfortable. >> bill: big potential. okay. we will keep an eye on it. does your computer still work. >> no, google has been reading all my emails. [ laughter ] >> bill: glenn beck, everybody, there he is in a moment the dumbest things of the week tonight starring mcdonald's under attack and aryana huffington attacking fox news right back with dumb. [ male announcer ] surprisingly priced at $15,995, the all-new 2011 jetta has arrived. discover german engineering and premium style on the jetta s
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, the dumbest things of the week and here they are. two very intelligent individuals or so they tell me. fox news correspondent are arthl neville and red eye guy greg gutfeld. we begin with arthel who we have a new pepsi-cola can; is that correct. >> that's correct. >> bill: why is that done. >> diet pepsi skinny can there it is. nice and slim and beautiful. dumb to organizations like the national eating disorders association because they are saying once again pepsi is glamorizing the notion that all things skinny is beautiful. but here is the thing. i don't find it -- personally i don't find it dumb however i don't have weight issues which people suffer from which is a serious issue. >> bill: is if zero calorie. >> regular pepsi. >> bill: regular or diet. >> diet pepsi. >> bill: don't have any calories. >> goes along with fashion week in new york. and they were sponsor ago booth called get the skinny on the latest trend. that's it just play on words.
11:50 pm
>> bill: some people object to people dieting all the time saying the skinny can contributes to that i think that's dumb. >> no they say it glamorizing that if you are skinny that you are beautiful. that all things skinny is beautiful. >> this is absolute nuts. number one, the can is great because it makes my hands look huge. the other thing is they are insulting women by saying that women could be influenced by the can that would make the can hurts their self-esteem that's idiocy. >> bill: finland, one of our favorite countries primarily because nothing ever happens there. there is a crazy group that doesn't like mcdonald's and they put out a commercial. go. >> >> bill: al qaeda style these
11:51 pm
loons threaten to execute ronald mcdonald. >> it's a bit of performance art. don't know who these people are but they are talking about ethical meat. this is a country that eats reindeer. they are telling mcdonald's what to do? mcdonald's is the greatest food company in the world. one burger has everything you need to stay alive. you have got the salad, you have got the protein and carbohydrates. >> bill: you are going to be ronald mcdonald next. >> you are ronald mcdonald, he is a crown. >> bill: here is what i object to and i have got to get on to mine because it's the best one. they are using al qaeda imagery here. >> i agree. >> that shouldn't be used any kind of protest or satire at all. get it off the stage get it off get it off. >> better not touch the hamburglar. >> my dumbest thing of the week is our pal arianna huffington who made $18 million selling the huffington post. here is what she said, governmental so many republicans
11:52 pm
running for president have been vying with each other who is going to be the most islamophobic candidate. including saying things about how we treat an ally and making sure that we treat mumbarak with dignity. i don't know whether that meant giving him a gold watch for his services or maybe a job at fox it could be the mumbarak factor. [ laughter ] >> bill: could be the mumbarak factor. um-huh. so that's just stupid. i don't really have to add much to it. correct? >> you know why it doesn't work? because anything outside of "the o'reilly factor" is dumb. that's the only show the factor works is yours. >> bill: she is just so far out there. if she wants to make a shot at us, that's fine. but she is just so far out there. >> there is a better chance that the muslim brotherhood could blog at the huffington post because they share more ideals with a lot of those bloggers. they could do recipes. >> bill: 300 million aol paid for. >> i'm not going going down that
11:53 pm
road with you. i'm not there. all i'm saying is there is only one factor. >> bill: there is only one factor and it is not the mumbarak factor nor will it ever be so unless arianna hires him to blog on the huffington post. pinheads and patriots on deck featuring a high school wrestler who says no to grappling with a girl. poll on chandler. p and p moments away.
11:54 pm
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11:56 pm
>> bill: pinheads and patriots starring coed wrestling in a moment. >> we are closing in on our goal at the fisher house. the charity provides housing and other s to the families of wounded service people while recovering at hospitals. this document, my hand written notes with -- from the ininterview with president obama. it makes a terrific gift is tax deductible. we have a to the fisher house. this is an outstanding charity which will accept any donation. we'll give you results monday. >> last few days on my proto shun get the book free if you
11:57 pm
become a premium member. >> now to the mail: >> bill: that's dumb randy. chaos overwhelms security every time. not a matter of cbs being -- they had security there. >> bill: very good point. >> bill: we only have so much time on this planet.
11:58 pm
>> that would end the conversation. >> bill: appreciate that. all my books are available on as is my column about mayor bloomberg's anti-irish joke. check that column out. >> finally pinheads and patriots in iowa. 15-year-old high school wrestler said he would not wrestle a girl. he was supposed to wrestle a girl from the neighboring school but says the match would compromise his religious values. joel forfeited the match and cassie won. is joel a pin held or patriot for taking that stance? >> last night we showed you chandler saying this. >> but o'reilly is so know
11:59 pm
maniacal, he's more interested in his opinion than anybody else's obviously. he's even willing to show the president that in his presence. it was really off-putting and bad. >> bill: we knew this would happen. 93% believe matthew perry is a pinhead. 7% believes he's a patriot. that may include phoebe. now he have jennifer aniston hating me and perry hating. how many is left? joey has to like me, right? matt i know you like me. that is it for us. please check out the fox news factor website. spout off from anywhere in the world. name a


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